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Beverley History – Minster Moorgate School

An infants’ school was begun in Minster Moorgate in 1845. A classroom for 40 extra pupils was built in 1871. In 1880, the school was rebuilt in red brick with white brick and stone dressings in a plain Gothic style to designs by Hawe & Foley of Beverley. It was altered and enlarged with four classrooms in 1914-15, largely to take juniors transferred from the girls’ school and some of the infants who would have attended the recently closed school in Flemingate. The school enlargement included the addition of a playground.

Average attendance was 140 in 1857 but fell to 96 in 1865. Between the 1890s and 1914 it was usually 150-90, exceeding 200 in 1918-32 before falling again during the 1930s. In 1972 the infants’ and junior schools were amalgamated as Minster Church of England school in a new building on St Giles’s Croft.