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Beverley History – Longcroft School









The early years:

The building of the first of two new secondary schools that make up Longcroft School as we know it today, began in 1948. It was originally hoped to bring the residence, Longcroft Hall, into use as an interim school for the 14-15 age group that could not be housed in the local schools, but events determined otherwise. The St. Mary’s Boy’s School was destroyed overnight by fire, and the pupils had to be hurriedly transferred into Longcroft Hall.

This meant that an instalment of the new secondary school had to be completed as quickly as possible, and in September 1949, part of the very incomplete Beverley Longcroft County Secondary School was occupied by boys and girls for their last year of their school life. This doubtless caused considerable inconvenience to the architect and builders, but it gave the boys and girls from Beverley and surrounding villages a taste of the then modern secondary education.

The school originally known as Longcroft County Secondary School was officially opened on Wednesday 9 May 1951.