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Beverley History – Lock Keepers Cottage

The lock gates on Beverley Beck were built in 1803 to protect the Beck from falling water levels of the tidal River Hull. The gatekeepers cottage and gates were designed by William Chapman. In the early 1900’s a steam pump house was constructed to allow the water from the River Hull to be pumped into the Beverley Beck when levels were too low for the barges to operate. The days of barges operated by Richard Hodgson’s Tannery to carry hides and other tanning materials from Hull docks to the Beverley Beck, and then by road to the Tannery at Flemingate have long since ended but the lock gates are still in use today allowing barges of the preservation society and other boats access into the Beck. The lock keepers cottage is still occupied today and the area around the gates has become a place where people go for walks, cycle rides, and leisure activities. During the summer months excursions by boats can still be made from the Beck up into the River Hull heading towards Driffield you can find out more about them and the work of the preservation society here: