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Beverley History – Ann Routh’s Almshouse

Ann Routh’s Almshouses were built around 1749 in Keldgate Beverley. They were designed by James Moyser and built by Thomas Wrightson. An inscribed tablet reads; ‘This hospital was built in the year 1749 by the Mayor and Aldermen of the Town according to the will of the late Ann Routh Moore, late of this Town, to whom her first husband Mr Chris Moore leaving a sum of £100 a year with which she endowed this hospital for the maintenance of 12 poor old women of the parishes of St John and St Martin’s in the Town frequenting the Church’.

The building has the Fire-mark of the Sun Assurance company attached. The company was set up in 1710 and had their own fire brigade to put out fires in buildings insured with them and showing their mark.