Friday 7 July 2023

THE HUGELY successful Lego exhibition, which drew big crowds last year, returns to Beverley next week, with a new theme. “Brick Journeys” celebrates different modes of transport with unique models, all built from Lego bricks. Visitors will see how humans have progressed, from the first hot air balloon to today’s rockets, and will take flight with a brick-built airport and wonder at the engineering of the Forth Road Bridge.

The exhibition will be on display in Beverley Art Gallery from Saturday, July 15, until Saturday, August 26, with free admission, and no need to book in advance. Special events are planned for the opening day – more information here

WHAT’S DESCRIBED AS “bed and breakfast” accommodation for pigs costing £1m is being built at Bishop Burton College and is expected to open in time to welcome its first pigs in November. A college spokesperson told us: “This commercial facility will give students opportunities to develop their knowledge of managing livestock as well as delivering insight into how a commercial venture is run.”

The unit will have 72 pens, producing pigs for processing at White Rose Farms Ltd, part of Cranswick PLC. “It boasts the highest standards of welfare for the animals, with 6.5 square metres of living space allocated per pig and ample room for the rearing of piglets,” the spokesperson said.

INCREASED DEMAND for pleasure trips aboard the historic vessels operated by the Beverley Barge Preservation Society has led to additional sailings for the 2023 season. Further details from the Beverley Barges page on Facebook.