Friday 3 September 2021

East Yorkshire residents are being given anonymous access to a new online crime map which allows members of the public to flag areas of concern. The pilot is called StreetSafe  and enables people to highlight problem locations and describe the factors that cause them to feel unsafe. Humberside Police told Beverley FM that the information will be used by local policing teams to improve wellbeing and safety within highlighted areas. They added that changes such as installing CCTV and street lighting or introducing night-time patrols could be brought in as a result. More details from Humberside police here

A national campaign to attract the best talent to vital health and social care roles in East Yorkshire is proving a huge success. Launched a year ago under the banner, East YorkSHH!re: ‘the secret’s out’, the campaign has had unprecedented success NHS officials have told us. It reveals the region’s hidden gems by telling the stories of health workers who have relocated to the area from as far afield as Nigeria, Poland, India, the United States, and every corner of the UK.

A new arrival has just been introduced to the penguin enclosure at the zoo at Sewerby Hall and Gardens. Pickle is the first chick born there for 11 years. Staff stepped in to care for the egg after it was abandoned by its parents. The Head Zookeeper called it a miracle after the Humboldt penguin hatched in an incubator at his home. It’s now been introduced to the adult penguins after losing its fluffy feathers and becoming fully waterproof. Full story here