Friday 20 January 2023

HUMBERSIDE Chief Constable Lee Freeman says police legitimacy is hanging by a thread following the recent disturbing case of David Carrick, who pleaded guilty to dozens of rape and sexual offences against 12 women committed while he was a serving officer in the Met Police. Mr Freeman described it as “one of the darkest weeks for policing that I have known in 29 years of being a police officer.”

In a message to all staff, officers and volunteers Mr Freeman said: “I feel that we have a collective responsibility to reflect and recognise that the events in London also directly impact on us and how our communities see us.” He said it was important to recognise and accept “that some members of the public now think we cannot be trusted to protect them”.

Mr Freeman said a misogyny survey carried out within the Humberside Force last year had revealed female colleagues were still experiencing “behaviours that we must all collectively start to identify and challenge more quickly” and he continued: “We must be proactive in identifying, challenging and reporting any unacceptable behaviour displayed by colleagues within Humberside Police – whether this behaviour is displayed on or off duty, in public or in private.”

Mr Freeman’s letter can be read in full here

EAST RIDING residents wishing to vote in the local council elections in May are being reminded they will now have to show a form of photo identification before they can be issued with a ballot paper. Full details here