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Filling stations join ‘Safe Place’ scheme

East Riding firm Sewell On The Go, which runs 12 petrol stations and linked convenience stores across the county, including one in Holme Church Lane, Beverley, has joined a new scheme supporting vulnerable members of the community. The Safe Place scheme is designed to help people who have a disability, dementia, or who are vulnerable in terms of being bullied, harassed, lost or confused, while they are out and about.

Safe Place stickers are now displayed in all Sewell On The Go store windows, as well as a wide range of public places including shops, community centres and libraries, to show they are a “safe place” to go and seek help. Staff have been trained to help with a range of issues which vulnerable people may experience, including transport problems and support they can offer if someone is hurt, ill, scared or lost.

Patrick Sewell, Managing Director of Sewell On The Go, said: “Dementia, in particular, is a growing issue. We’re a 24-hour business, so we’re always there. Anything we can do to help people is a positive thing.”