Featured Programme – John Brien

I’m John Brien and you can hear my World of Music on Sunday evenings on Beverley FM.  I’m a musician who has played a wide range of styles of music over the years, married to Lesley who I met when we both played in a band in the 1970s but is mainly a singer.  Between us, we have a huge variety of music in our collection and our repertoires and most of what I play in my programme comes from that. Our choice ranges from Pink Floyd to The Shadows, from Bob Dylan to The Kings Singers, from medieval madrigals to Musical Theatre, Smetana to Lindisfarne and all sorts in between.  I suppose if I had to name a favourite band it would be Procol Harum but with the exception of a small number of (I hate the word) genres of music for example Rapping, Hip Hop and Country and Western, you’re likely to hear pretty much anything if you tune in. Oh, and I can’t stand bagpipes!

I believe I was the first person to sign up as a presenter at the very beginning of Beverley FM and I’m lucky that I was given more or less free rein to play whatever I like on the radio.  Not many people have that chance.  I like to play songs by local musicians and songwriters that I have come to know over the years and I like to point out some particularly good bits of musicianship when I play a song or a piece of music. Oh and I’m a sucker for a really good tune.  Occasionally I play something that I’ve written myself performed by my band, Flagship.  I just hope that you the Beverley FM listeners enjoy my World of Music.