Beverley Exhibition: Remnants – March 1 – June 30 2023

Beverley Guildhall: The exhibition looks at fragments of buildings, and traces of industries and oddities around Beverley that have been abandoned, repurposed or are no longer in use today.

Kloskk Tyrer, who produced the exhibition, said: “We hardly notice some of the traces belonging to Beverley’s history which are hiding in plain sight today, but they tell the story of how people used to live and work in the town. These remains are everywhere – from a piece of wall belonging to a long-gone pub to strange marks on walls and mysterious lettering on kerbstones. If you know where to look, these remnants of the past are all around us.”

The Guildhall is in Register Square, off Cross Street, and is open on Wednesdays, 10am-1pm (to 30 April), then 10am-4pm (from 3 June), and 10am-4pm every Friday. Admission to the building is free.