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Elderly victims conned out of thousands

Nine men from London and Birmingham were jailed for a combined total of more than 32 years when they appeared before Hull Crown Court on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud in connection with a number of incidents which saw elderly victims being conned out of money. Eight of the men pleaded guilty; the ninth was found guilty. The men were charged and brought before the courts follow Operation Rumble – a joint initiative by Humberside Police and the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Crime Unit – working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service.

Detective Inspector Rich Osgerby said: “We launched our investigation after 16 victims were called by men claiming to be police officers investigating irregular banking activity.  The fraudsters claimed they had seen suspicious activity on their accounts and encouraged the victims to go to their bank and withdraw significant amounts of money.  The money was then handed to couriers, who claimed they were taking it for ‘forensic examination’.”

He revealed that in total more than 300 incidents were reported in the Humberside force area alone – with more victims targeted nationally. In total, 49 people had money stolen, with a combined total of more than £200,000 taken. Detective Inspector Osgerby told Beverley FM: “We will now begin the process of taking back the money stolen using the Proceeds of Crime Act.”