Discover, record, & photograph woodlands and parks here in East Yorkshire:

Spending time around trees and in green spaces can be really good for our health and well- being and a break from busy lives.  Forests and woods are great places for children to play, for us all to walk and relax and for wildlife to thrive.

Sunday March 21st is International Day of Forests and for the next month we’re going to be broadcasting a series about the forests and woodlands in and around towns and cities – and how important they are to people like you, living there. The ‘Your Forest’ series brings together 10 radio stations across England, for the very first time, one of which is Beverley FM, and a we need your help to record some wonderful sounds to add to a unique online soundmap of our area.

We want YOUR help to make a recording on your phone from your local forest, wood or park to add to the ‘Your Forest’ sound map for East Yorkshire. What do you love about it, why do you go there- we want to know!  Go to your favourite spot – or discover a new one – and use your phone to record a minute of the sounds you hear.  Take a photo too and then submit both online at or find the map via the Wild Rumpus homepage.  You’ll also be able to listen to the sounds others have recorded and watch the map grow!

Remember to make sure you follow all the current Covid restrictions, social distancing, and avoid trespassing on private property. See how you do and enjoy the great Yorkshire outdoors!

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