Decades Weekend – 80’s

Easter Saturday 11 April 2020

(8am till 6pm – 80’s Number 1’s)

00:00          Old Record Club with Steve Bishop

02:00          The Chill Factor with Colin Hanslip

04:00          East Yorkshire Nights

06:00          The Saturday Wake Up with Amy Bury

08:00          Weekend Breakfast with Alex Dunn for Roy Woodcock

10:00          Beverley FM – Big Quiz with Andy Fea & Nigel Roberts

12:30          It’s Saturday with Andy Donkin

15:00          The 3 o’clock Kick Off with Simon Bromwich

18:00          The 60’s Vinyl Countdown with Roger “Twiggy” Day

20:00          The Big 80’s Soul Party with Rob Langley

22:00          80’s Dance Party with Adam Smith 

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