Christmas Programmes 2019

Monday 23 December 2019

12mdntThe Mellow ShowGary Ziepe
2amEast Yorkshire Nights n/a
6amBig Beverley BreakfastAlex Dunn
10amMorning MixRachael Campey
12noonAll Hit LunchChris Bibby
2pmGood Afternoon BeverleyAndy Donkin
4pmDrivetimeRobbie West
6pmThe Early Late ShowLiv Mounsor
8pmThe 60’s Golden Hour Dave Hudson
9pmThe 70’s Golden HourDave Hudson
10pmChristmas CountryPeter Fairhead
11pmThe DC Christmas ShowDave Cook

Christmas Eve – Tuesday 24 December 2019

12mdntThe World of Beverley FMVarious
1amEast Yorkshire Nightsn/a
6amBig Beverley BreakfastAlex Dunn
10amChristmas Morning MixDave Fewster
12noonAll Hit LunchChris Bibby
2pmGood Afternoon BeverleyRob Langley
4pmChristmas Number 1’s ShowLee Templeman
6pmDe Wop ChristmasVeronica Capaldi
7pmChristmas FolkMax Roberts
8pmChristmas Rock & RollDave Hutchins
9pmSilver Surfers ClubLynne Wallis
10pmFestival of CarolsPete Haslam
11pmAround the FiresideTerry Wallis 

Christmas Day – Wednesday 25 December 2019

12mdntMessiah HighlightsTabernacle Choir
12:30amFestive Word in Your EarLes Smith
1amGoblins & the GravediggerTheatre Cast
2amBroadway Christmas (rpt)Adam Lacey
3amEast Yorkshire Nightsn/a
7amChristmas Day with SantaFather Christmas
10amLook What I FoundAl Dupres
12noonChristmas LunchAdam Smith
3pmThe QueenIRN Feed
3:05pmThe Christmas MarathonPaul Baker
7pmThe Sound of ChristmasMitch Cochran
8pmNothing But the 90’sMike Brown
10pmChristmas Crooners Pt1Nik James

Boxing Day – Thursday 26 December 2019 

12mdntEast Yorkshire Nightsn/a
6amBoxing Day BreakfastLiv Mounsor
9amChristmas Forgotten HitsIan Clennan
11amThe A to Z of Christmas Paul Baker
12noonChristmas Time Slip Chris Bibby
2pmGuilty PleasuresPeter Fairhead
3pm3 o’clock Kick OffSimon Bromwich
5pmChristmas Mystery Top 40Paul Baker
7pmAnything GoesDave Hutchins
8pmChristmas BluesRoy Woodcock
9pmChristmas ReggaeNic Gough
10pmChristmas Crooners Pt2Nik James

Holiday Friday – Friday 27 December 2019

12mdntEast Yorkshire Nightsn/a
6amThe Early BreakfastLiv Mounsor
8amHoliday BreakfastAlex Dunn
10amMorning MixDave Fewster
12noonUltimate All Hit LunchChris Bibby
2pmBig Ones & New OnesAndy Henly
4pmDrivetimeRobbie West
6pmSoulful ChristmasPete Haslam
7pmShowTalkJames Watt
8pmJonathan’s ConversationsJonathan Levy
9pmChristmas ThemeologyCliff Baillie
10pmFriday Night ShuffleLee Templeman

Saturday 28 December 2019

12mdntOld Record ClubSteve Bishop
2amThe Chill FactorColin Hanslip
4amEast Yorkshire Nights n/a
6amEarly BreakfastAmy Bury
8amSaturday BreakfastRoy Woodcock
10amBeverley LiveAndy Fea
12:30pmIt’s SaturdayAndy Donkin
2:30pmThe 3 o’clock Kick OffSimon Bromwich
6pm60’s Vinyl CountdownRoger Day
8pmChristmas Soul PartyRob Langley
10pmThe Late Weekend ShowSimon Barrett

Sunday 29 December 2019

12mdntThe Retro Radio ShowAndy Henly
2amMellow MomentsAndy Saunders
4amEast Yorkshire Nights n/a
7amSunday Rise & ShineLes Smith
8amMusic & the Spoken WordTabernacle Choir
8:30amIn TouchTerry Wallis
9amThe Sunday EditionMike & Alice
10amDown at the DinerJohn Escreet
12noonSunday BrunchDave Hudson
2pmSunday AfternoonAdam Smith
4pmThe Beverley FM ChartAlex Dunn
6pmMusical StrollJohn Brien
7pmBroadway ChristmasAdam Lacey
8pmJazztasticRoy Woodcock
9pmFestive Classical ChoiceRichard Gray
10pmSounds EasyDave Fewster

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