Breaking News: Lib-Dem victory

THE OPPOSITION Liberal-Democrats have won their third straight by-election for East Riding Council, capturing the Beverley Rural seat last night. Retired nurse Diana Stewart topped the poll with 1,948 votes from Peter Stevens (Conservative) on 1,116 and Clare Wildey (Labour) on 213.

Cllr Diana Stewart

The by-election had been caused by the death of East Riding Council Vice-Chair Pauline Greenwood, who had topped the poll at the last full elections in 2019. The turn-out was 29.22 per cent, with the Lib-Dems taking 59.4 per cent of the votes cast.

Earlier this year, the Liberal-Democrats captured the Bridlington-North and South Hunsley seats from the Conservatives in by-elections while at the council’s annual meeting in May there was the shock announcement that Conservative Councillor Charlie Bayram was defecting to the Lib-Dems.

Since then, another leading Conservative, Mike Stathers, has resigned from the Party and now sits as an Independent.

Following last night’s result, the Lib-Dems hold 13 seats but the Conservatives are still, by far, the biggest party with 42. There are 10 Independents and two Yorkshire Party members.