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Beverley vet to retire

Well-known Beverley vet Carol Paterson has announced her retirement from the Northern Veterinary Group practice in Norwood, where a celebratory tea party is planned for her towards the end of this month. Carol, who started working in the town as a newly-qualified vet in 1979, is planning to retire to her native Scotland and a different pace of life altogether, on the Isle of Mull.

Carol says her work as a vet has changed considerably over the past 38 years . In the beginning work was largely at local dairy and beef farms; today more than 90 per cent of her time is spent with domestic pets. She says she is looking forward to relaxing on the Isle of Mull but is determined to make occasional visits back to see friends in Beverley. “It will be nice to come back and do the touristy things,” she said.