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Beverley Town FC ‘coming home’

Echoing the words of a certain England World Cup football song, Beverley Town FC are “coming home” to the town next month, manager Rich Jagger has revealed.

Beverley Town manager Rich Jagger

Speaking to Beverley FM, Mr Jagger confirmed contractors working on the club’s Norwood pitch had “signed off” on the works and declared the pitch playable.

“We’ll be marking the pitch out today and erecting goal-posts with a view to playing our first match there on November 10th,” he told sports editor Roy Woodcock on Thursday night.

Humber Premier League side Beverley Town were forced to play all of last season’s home matches “away” – at Hutton Cranswick – as major pitch-relaying works got underway at Norwood. Originally, the hope was to start the 2018/19 season back at Norwood but the long, dry, summer

delayed completion of the works.

If all goes well, the first game will be a home East Riding Senior Cup tie against Westella & Willerby. “Everyone at the club is looking forward to coming back to the town and given the successful run we’ve had I hope local sports fans will get behind the team and come down to cheer the lads on,” Mr Jagger told Beverley FM.

Work on the Ivan Usher Memoral Grandstand continues at Norwood and the club hopes it won’t be too long before that, too, is ready to be brought into use. Mr Usher, who had¬†taught at Longcroft School for 30 years and later set up Ushers Fitness Centre in the town, ¬†sadly died aged 83 last September.

It had been his dream to see a spectator stand built for people to watch Beverley teams play at Norwood Recreation Ground and following his death his son and widow, supported by the local community, took up the challenge of seeing his dream fulfilled.