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Beverley Racecourse launches skin cancer awareness campaign

Beverley Racecourse has announced a partnership with Yorkshire Cancer Research to raise awareness of the dangers of sun damage and over-exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. The campaign aims to protect racegoers and racecourse staff during the rest of the season following the recent hot spell which saw the UK record its hottest June day for 41 years.

Beverley Racecourse Chief Executive Sally Iggulden, front left, Adrienne Hodgson of Yorkshire Cancer Research, front right, and racecourse staff launch the skin cancer awareness campaign by wearing wristbands that warn when UV rays are strord its hottest June for 41 years.

Such have been the unprecedented temperatures that race organisers at Royal Ascot relaxed the strict dress co
de, allowing gentlemen in the Royal Enclosure to remove their jackets for the first time in the meeting’s history.

The partnership between Beverley Racecourse and Yorkshire Cancer Research is the first of its kind involving a sports venue and spanning both spectators and staff. It will launch on Friday, July 7, and Saturday, July 8, during East Yorkshire’s biggest racing weekend of the summer and continue through the season.

Sally Iggulden, Chief Executive at Beverley Racecourse, said: “We’re delighted to team up with Yorkshire Cancer Research to raise awareness of the dangers of sun damage. But we’re very aware that it’s easy to forget to use sun cream.

“We’re installing sun cream dispensers around the course so racegoers can stay protected and enjoy thrilling racing, entertainment and live music without worrying about sunburn or, even worse, long-term skin damage. The dispensers will remain in place throughout the season, so racegoers and staff will always be able to apply sun cream to protect themselves from the sun’s rays while around the course.”

Adrienne Hodgson, Relationship Officer at Yorkshire Cancer Research, said: “Staying safe in the sun is incredibly important. One blistering sunburn can double the risk of getting skin cancer later in life, and UV rays can damage your skin even on cloudy days.  Our new partnership with Beverley Racecourse will play a vital role in helping us reach people of all ages as they enjoy the outdoors this summer.”

Yorkshire Cancer Research has created wrist bands that change colour to indicate that skin protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays is required, and sun cream provided by Beverley Racecourse will be available free of charge in all bathrooms at the racecourse. Raceday staff will hand out wallet-sized information guides on sun safety as well as the wrist bands, which will be on sale for £1, with proceeds going to Yorkshire Cancer Research.

In addition, Beverley Racecourse will give wrist bands, tubes of sun block and the information guides to all stable staff working over the weekend as part of its contribution to the racing industry’s Racing Staff Week.

The Party on the Pasture and Big Saturday Raceday are two of the most popular meetings in the Beverley racecourse calendar, featuring live entertainment, face art and neon performers, plus live music from racecourse regulars the New York Brass Band. Almost 15,000 racegoers attended the corresponding events last year.

Gates open at the Party on the Pasture Race Night at 4pm on Friday, July 7. The first race is at 6.40pm and last race at 8.40pm. Gates open for the Big Saturday Raceday at 11.30am on Saturday, July 8. The first race is at 1.40pm and last race at 5.10pm.