Beverley FM Schedule

Effective 20 August 2018


Monday thru Friday:

 00:00         The World of Beverley FM (Except Mondays)

01:00           Rob Beezley’s Night Shift

03:00          East Yorkshire Nights

06:00          The Pre-Breakfast Nibble with Chris Bibby

07:30          Big Beverley Breakfast with Dave Fewster

10:00          The Morning Mix with:

Rachael Campey (Monday and Tuesday)

Dennis Hartley (Wednesday)

Roy Woodcock (Thursday and Friday)                


12noon        The All Hit Lunch with Andy Fea


14:00          Good Afternoon Beverley with:

 Dennis Hartley (Monday)

Rob Langley (Tuesday)

Simon Barrett (Wednesday)

Roy Woodcock (Thursday)

Chris Bibby (Friday)


16:00          Drive-Time with Robbie West

18:00          The World of Beverley FM



19:00          Golden Years – 60’s with Dave Hudson

20:00          Golden Years – 70’s with Dave Hudson

21:00          Beverley Country with Peter Fairhead

22:00          The ABC of Pop with Mark Scott



19:00           Beverley Folk with Max Roberts

20:00          Rock and Roll with Dave Hutchins

21:00          The Silver Surfers Club with Lynne and Terry



19:00          The Interactive 80’s Show with Andy Fea

21:00          Show & Tell with Nick and Ian

22:00         Peter Fairhead’s Guilty Pleasures



19:00          Pure Blues with Roy Woodcock

20:00         Beverley Rock with Robbie West

21:00          Nic Gough’s World of Reggae

22:00         Anything Goes with Dave Hutchins


Monday thru Thursday:

23:00          The Late Show with Katie Middlehurst



18:30           It’s All Sport

19:00          The Retro Radio Show with Andy Henly

21:00          Weekend Anthems with Alex Dunn



00:00          The Relaxing Radio Show with Nik Martin

02:00          East Yorkshire Nights

06:00          The Saturday Wake Up with Chris Gibson

08:00          Weekend Breakfast with Roy Woodcock

10:00          Beverley Live with Andy Fea

12:30          Hudson’s Hits with Dave Hudson

14:30          The 3 o’clock Kick Off with Simon Bromwich

18:00          The 60’s Vinyl Countdown with Roger “Twiggy” Day

20:00         The Big Soul Party with Rob Langley

22:00         The Late Weekend Show with Simon Barrett



00:00         Mellow Moments with Andy Saunders

01:00          Off Screen

02:00          East Yorkshire Nights

07:00          Sunday Rise and Shine with Les Smith

08:00          Music and the Spoken Word

08:30          In Touch with Terry Wallis

09:00          The Sunday Edition with Mike Woodhall

10:00          Down at the Diner with John Escreet

12:00          The Forgotten Hits with Ian Clennan

14:00          Sunday Afternoon with Adam Smith

17:00          John Brien’s Musical Stroll

18:00          ShowTALK with James Watt

19:00          Themeology with Cliff Baillie

20:00         Jazztastic with Roy Woodcock

21:00          Classical Choice with Richard Gray

22:00         Mark Scott at the Movies

23:00         The Mellow Show with Gary Ziepe (until 1am Monday)


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