Beverley FM Schedule

During the current Coronavirus crisis some of our regular programmes and presenters will not be on-air because of travel and health restrictions. As you may be aware Beverley FM is run entirely by volunteers some of whom are at risk and are shielding or care for family members that are at risk. We apologise for any last minute changes to the Beverley FM schedule but hope you understand and continue to enjoy our many and varied programmes!


00:00          Old Record Club with Steve Bishop

02:00          The Chill Factor with Colin Hanslip

04:00          East Yorkshire Nights

06:00          The Saturday Wake Up with Tom Lakin

08:00          Weekend Breakfast with Adam Smith for Roy Woodcock

10:00          The Big Beverley Quiz with Andy Fea & Nigel Roberts

12:30          It’s Saturday with Andy Donkin

15:00          3 o’clock Kick Off with Simon Bromwich

18:00          The 60’s Vinyl Countdown with Roger “Twiggy” Day

20:00          The Big Soul Party with Rob Langley

22:00          The Late Weekend Show with Adam Smith


00:00          The Retro Radio Show with Andy Henly

02:00          Mellow Moments with Andy Saunders

04:00          East Yorkshire Nights

06:00          The Sunday Wake Up with Tom Lakin

08:00          Music and the Spoken Word

08:30          In Touch with Terry Wallis

09:00          Sunday @ 9 with Les Smith

10:00          Down at the Diner with John Escreet

12:00          Sunday Brunch with Amy for Dave Hudson

14:00          Sunday Afternoon with Adam Smith

16:00          The Beverley FM Chart with Alex Dunn

18:00          Showtime with Jo & Ryan

19:00          Jonathan’s Kitchen Conversations

20:00          Jazztastic with Roy Woodcock

21:00          Classical Choice with Richard Gray

22:00          Rodney On The Radio

00:00          The Mellow Show with Gary Ziepe (until 2am Monday)

Monday thru Thursday:

00:00          The World of Beverley FM (Except Monday)

01:00          East Yorkshire Nights (2am on Monday)

06:00          Alex Dunn at Breakfast

10:00          The Morning Mix with:

Liv Mounsor (Monday)

Liv Mounsor (Tuesday)

Les Smith (Wednesday)

Dave Fewster (Thursday)

Pete Haslam (Friday)

12noon        The All Hit Lunch with Chris Bibby

14:00          Good Afternoon Beverley with:

Andy Donkin (Monday)

Liv Mounsor (Tuesday)

Lee Templeman (Wednesday)

Liv Mounsor (Thursday)

Andy Donkin (Friday)

16:00          Drive-Time with Robbie West


18:00          The Early Late Show with Simon Bromwich

20:00          Golden Years – 60’s with Andy Fea for Dave Hudson

21:00          Golden Years – 70’s with Andy Fea for Dave Hudson

22:00          Beverley Country with Peter Fairhead

23:00          Mystery Top 40 with Paul Baker


18:00          The Early Late Show with Simon Bromwich

20:00          Beverley Folk with Max Roberts

21:00          The Silver Surfers Club with Lynne and Terry

22:00          Beverley Rock with Robbie West

23:00          Rock and Roll with Dave Hutchins


18:00          The Early Late Show with Simon Bromwich

20:00          The Interactive 80’s Show with Andy Fea

22:00          Pandora’s Box with Nick and Ian

23:00          Show Talk with James Watt


18:00          The Early Late Show with Amy Bury

20:00          Pure Blues with Roy Woodcock

21:00          Nic Gough’s World of Reggae

22:00          Themeology with Cliff Baillie

23:00          Peter Fairhead’s Guilty Pleasures


18:00          Simon Bromwich at Large

20:00          The 90s Rewind with Steve Lazenby

22:00          Friday Night Shuffle with Lee Templeman

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During the current pandemic local news will be provided in the programmes during the day as required

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