Beverley FM Presenters

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September 2020

Beverley FM has the finest team of 63 presenters and contributors. Many come from a professional radio background and donate their time because they believe in what we are doing here at Beverley FM. They are passionate about Beverley and East Yorkshire and determined to give you the best very best in radio programming.

Programme Presenters

Paul Baker Dave Fewster Emperor Rosko
Cliff Bailie Ian Gow Neil Rudd
Tony Barker Nic Gough Andy Saunders
Simon Barrett Richard Gray Julie Scott
Rob Beezley Colin Hanslip Adam Smith
Chris Bibby Dave Harper Les Smith
Steve Bishop Pete Haslam Ryan Sutton
John Brien Nick Hedges Lee Templeman
Simon Bromwich Andy Henly Mike Try
Amy Bury Dave Hudson Alice Try
Phil Butler Amy Jibson Lynne Wallis
Rachael Campey Tim Jibson Terry Wallis
Ian Clennan Tom Lakin James Watt
Rodney Collins Rob Langley Jodana Weekley
Roger Day Steve Lazenby Robbie West
Andy Donkin Jonathan Levy Roy Woodcock
Alex Dunn Nick Martin Gary Ziepe
Steve Eccles Jonathan Morrell
Peter Fairhead Liv Mounsor
Tom Fallon Max Roberts
Andy Fea Nigel Roberts

Programme Contributors:

Joanne Brady Margaret Clark Paul Pennington
Eileen Brown David Doyle Davidson
Tom Cavanagh

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