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Beverley FM has a wide variety of programme presenters with many years of experience and nearly all from East Yorkshire!

Working as a volunteer programme presenter at Beverley FM is a lot of fun – just ask me Andy Fea. I’m on-air every weekday between 4pm and 6pm with my own brand of music, humour, and guests. Once you have been bitten by the radio bug it’s hard to walk away so be warned! To become a programme presenter you need to apply to be a volunteer at the station.

Beverley FM is always looking for new or experienced volunteers to help at the station. As a not-for-profit community company we work very hard to provide the very best service we can for the thousands of listeners who will join the Beverley FM family as regular listeners and to do that, we need lots of volunteers.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer radio presenter click here.

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