31 January 2024

Objections to the plans for the new Beverley Household waste and recycling centre have well exceeded 2,600.

East Riding Council plans to build the new site, which will be much larger than the current one in Weel, in Ings Road, off Grange Way in Molescroft.

Objections from Molescroft, Tickton and Routh Parish Councils and the Beverley Town Council have been lodged against the plan, claiming there would be a loss of agricultural land and local roads would become more congested and dangerous, leaving residents exposed to pollution.

The council’s Planning Commitee has been considering the options for a new Recycling Centre location for over two years now and the Ings Road site was deemed to be the most suitable of the thirty-four locations.  

The council’s application stated a new site was needed to replace the existing one in Weel which is no longer fit for purpose and prone to flooding – an issue highlighted by recent bad weather which saw the site flooded for several days.