22 February 2024

There are 2.4 million adults in England alone – over 7% of the working age population – who can barely read or cannot read at all. Read Easy Hull and District works to provide free, one-to-one coaching to adults who want to learn to read via its trained volunteer Reading Coaches – but it desperately needs more.

The group affiliated to the national charity Read Easy UK in August 2021, and began coaching in March 2022. It is, as yet, a small group which offers a warm welcome to new members. It is financially independent from Read Easy UK, and is responsible for raising all the money needed to keep the group going. 

On Wednesday (February 21) Alan Cornwall and Geoff Bell from the group were interviewed by Beverley FM’s Rachael Campey on the Morning Mix and they told her there were 33,000 adults in our region struggling to read with many on a waiting list hoping for help.

More volunteer coaches who can spare half an hour twice a week to teach people to read are needed urgently. The group also needs help to raise the £5,000 a year needed to provide training. Both Alan and Geoff said the coaching work transformed lives, opening up opportunities for people unable to read. If you would like to support this work, contact Geoff Bell by email: hdnetworker@readeasy.org.uk or phone: 07535 618430

Established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2011, Read Easy UK now includes more than 80 volunteer-led groups helping 1000+ adults learn to read in their community. For more information click here